JCW has since developed and sold various types of washing equipment.

JCW was founded in 1947 as the sole manufacturer of washing equipment in Japan, and obtained a dominant patent for a brush rolling washing device.

We exported Japan's first washing equipment for railway carriages to Egyptian National Railways for the engine depots of Abogatasu Buruzu in 1963, thus establishing our vehicle washing brand. To date, JCW has exported washing equipment to customers in 18 countries including Singaporean National Railways, Thai National Railways, and Hong Kong Subway. We have also supplied our products to Japan Railways as well as private railway companies throughout Japan. Other firms that have purchased such equipment include Tokyo Monorail Showa-jima Station, World Exposition, and Kitakyushu City. JCW starts his business with INDORAIL for Indian territory and we hope to deliver the best technology with the best services to the Indian customers.

For more details please visit :- www.ns-jcw.co.jp/en/index.php


Mobile Lifting Jacks,Workshop Handling & Testing Equipments

CESPA , established by Mr.Luigi Spavone in the industrial area of Naples/Italy, is one of the major firms at national level in the railway engineering sector.

Now held by his son Eng.Massimo spavone.
CESPA is reputed Italian company for manufacturing Electro-mechanical lifting jacks,adjustable spreader beam,Provisory bogies,Overhead working cages, Wheel-sets mounting and dis-mounting facilities,Pantograph platforms,Lifting platforms,roof top access platform and many more customers products on demand.

For more details please visit :- www.cespaitaly.com

EE&C - Yung India

Yung Energy Efficiency and Control

Energy Efficiency & Controls is one of the specialists in energy efficiency through lighting control automation which makes energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green.

For more details please visit :- www.eenc.in


Anti-Vibration Rubber-Metal Parts by AViTECH/Turkey.

AViTECH is reputed manufacturer for high-quality Rubber Metal components for Railway and other industries. The most famous product of AViTECH is Chevron springs, Bushes, Control links, Engine Bearings, Rot Handles, Primary rubber conical springs, Secondary Air springs etc.

For more details please visit :- www.avi-tech.com.tr


Specialise in liner movement

Niasa is specialise in liner movement. NIASA designs, manufactures and sells linear units for the manufacturing of machines mainly used for the automation of productive processes. customers belong to sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, railway industry, renewable energies,...etc

For more details please visit :- www.niasa.es/en/inicio

BIP Industrietechnik GmbH

Complete wheel & Axle solution

BIP Industrietechnik is reputed manufacture of various kind of wheel & axle handling equipments like automatic wheel testing, automatic coating &painting plant for wheel and axle set. Automatic axle cleaning.automatic wheel set testing (dynamic & static ), high pressure water blasting, Mobile US-Hollow axle testing system,Optical wheel set measurement, solid shaft inspection, wheel transport storage.

For more details please visit :- www.bip-industrietechnik.de

M.D Measuring Devices Ky / Finland

Wheel Diameter Devices

Diameter Measuring Device for wheel diameters quickly and accurately. No need to remove Wheelsets, MDD fits under Locomotives, Wagons, Metro and Cars. The device can be used in field conditions as well as in workshops. MDD offers 590 mm to 1250 mm range wheel diameter measurement option.

For more details please visit :- www.mdmeasuringdevices.fi


ELMAG is providing the best quality products for Air Technology, Welding Technology, Metal machines Technology, Stone Cutting Technology, Generator Technology.

ELMAG is the title of a success story, which was started in 1984 by Lorenz Einfinger together with his wife. Meanwhile, more than 40 employees embody this consistent quality and innovation thinking and the transformation of customer satisfaction into customer enthusiasm. ELMAG is now a well knowing brand in Austrian and other Europian countries for quality products. Every day, high innovative products with a modern design and state-of-the-art technology leave the company headquarters in Ride im Innkreis, newly built in 2014. They end up with demanding people who appreciate them for home and hobby, in agriculture and forestry, in crafts but also in industrial continuous use. ELMAG is providing the best quality products for Air Technology, Welding Technology, Metal machines Technology, Stone Cutting Technology, Generator Technology. In India, ELMASG starts its business tie-up with INDORAIL partnership to consider best sales & service support to Indian customers. .

For more details please visit :- www.elmag.at


Leading companies do trust on Nordlift quality.

Leading companies trust on Nordlift design and tailor made solutions; VR, Valmet Automotive, Wärtsilä, Alstom, ABB, Bombardier, Stadler and Talgo. We deliver our solutions to all continents. Lifting capacity from hundreds of tons for rolling stock and 60 ton for windmills stators; or 850 - 1200 kg for lawn movers and small tractors-according to the needs.
Products complying with the EU standards and in production are only quality European components used. Design, product development and manufacturing take place in Sodankyl채, Finnish Lapland - since 1978.

For more details please visit :- www.nordlift.fi/en

HERR GmbH — Germany

Fume extraction and filtration system.

HERR GmbH is world famous manufacturer and Industry System is a technologically oriented company for the production of air filtration systems, which manufactures quality products that are energy efficient and provide excellent results.
HERR filter systems exceed legal requirements and thus make a valuable contribution to the protection of your employees and the environment. The goal is to offer our customers safe and reliable filter systems with best value for money. Filter systems from HERR filter the finest dusts combined with longest service life and minimal servicing requirements.
With the purchase of HERR filter you not only focus on safety: low cost, energy-efficient cleaning technology, durable filter cartridges and lowest service costs keep the investment low and reduce your cost per part.
HERR GmbH starts his business with INDORAIL for Indian territory and we hope to deliver the best technology with the best services to the Indian customers..

For more details please visit :- www.herr.de